Technovation Exchange NewsBrief/InBrief

The 8-page Technovation NewsBrief was mailed 4-6 times a year with a market specific 4-page InBrief saddle-stitched into the NewsBrief. This informative newsletter captured the attention of prospective clients and positioned Banta to be perceived as the knowledge base of industry issues.

The Technovation Exchange program was applied to various print and electronic materials, such as:

One-Day Seminar materials



White Papers (print and PDF)

Marketing materials

The Technovation brand was broadened to create new brand extensions such as:

Technovation etips: a weekly html email

Technovation Handbook: a yearly handbook of market trends and technologies

Technovation Seminars: One-Day seminars

Technovation NewsBrief: 6 issues a year, printed magazine

Technovation InBrief: 6 issues a year, magazine insert

Technovation Webinar: Online training course

Banta Corporation NewsBrief

Direct Marketing InBrief

Direct Marketing InBrief

Books InBrief

marketing materials: newsletters

Banta Corporation